Info about your club visit

What happens when you visit a club?

... basically only what you want ...

If you just want to let the club ambience work on you, that's perfectly fine and if you're looking for fun with others, you're in the right place anyway.

It always applies: "Everything can, nothing must" and "No means no".

It is very important to us that all guests feel comfortable with us. However, should there be any reason to complain about the behavior of individuals, please let us know. Ideally on the spot and not only in the forum or by club mail, so we can act directly.


Everything that is fun is possible with us. No one has to join in or watch. However, no one must feel disturbed by what the others are doing. We assume acceptance and tolerance among the guests.

Respect and courtesy

Treat each other with respect and courtesy. No one here is obligated to allow others on the mat. If you want to play along, just ask nicely and politely, or try to join in. A hand that pushes you away is to be accepted under all circumstances!
If you don't take no for an answer, we reserve the right to expel you from the club.

Dress code / What does man/woman wear?

A club visit should offer you the opportunity to switch off from everyday life in an erotic ambience. At our advertised even is always a dress code for the party specified.

Basically: You should feel comfortable. However, when choosing your clothes, keep in mind that it is a visit to a swingers club. It is an erotic meeting place and the eye eats with you.

At our Frivolous Bar, on the other hand, there are no restrictions.

By the way: If you have forgotten the appropriate party footwear, you do not have to be barefoot, of course. For such emergencies we have flip-flops in different sizes ready for you.

Basically, the ladies will be happy to see you:

erotic, frivolous & sexy, naked to almost naked, main thing SEXY clubwear, lingerie, corsages, transparent, wetlook, fishnet, minidress, chain outfits, the little black dress, lacquer, leather & latex clothes, burlesque....

For the gentlemen is recommended: black or white monochrome shirt with black suit pants, black tight-fitting shorts as well as black neat shirt please without imprintsblack or white linen pants, torso free with appropriate torso gladly with bow tie, Vest, clubwear, lacquer, leather, latex, wet look, transparent

Shoes: boots, boots, nice Roman sandals, clean sneakers, black felted shoes.

No street clothes and no dirty shoes! Walking barefoot is forbidden in the whole club.

Lockers for your valuables

We are not liable for your clothes and valuables. You can safely lock your clothes in the lockers in the changing area. Each locker key is provided with a wristband. You will keep your locker key with you for the entire event.

Photo and cell phone ban

There is an absolute cell phone and photo ban in our club. We would like to ask you not to make any picture / sound recordings in our premises during the operation. If you are expecting an important call, you can leave the phone with the staff - we will inform you when the phone rings.

Safer Sex

Protected sexual intercourse is a matter of course!

No gos:

Body odor! Visibly worn or smelly laundry, fine ribs, baggy shorts and shirt as well as intrusive behavior.

Why should you register for the party?

In principle, you can also just show up. However, your registration makes it easier for us to plan the party.

We pay attention to a balanced ratio between couples/women and solo men. However, we can only do this planning based on your pre-registrations.

In addition, our kitchen has to know for how many visitors the buffet should be enough.

In addition, you save money by registering at Joyclub! We grant a discount on the evening box office price to registered guests who register at least 15 minutes before the event begins.

What do I do if I'm registered and can't make it to the party?

Something always comes up or the cold has a firm grip on you. No problem, because you can cancel our parties at any time before the start free of charge.

Should you not be able to cancel in time before the party starts, please send us a short message by club mail that it doesn't work out after all.

We also pay attention to a balanced ratio between solo ladies, couples and solo men and this is only possible for us if we can rely on the registration numbers.

Alcohol, drugs and illegal activities

In our club, all illegal activities, e.g. drug abuse or prostitution, are prohibited and will be reported immediately. With alcohol you should handle moderately, because alcoholized guests seem unpleasant at the bar and on the playgrounds. Drunk and/or disruptive guests will be asked to leave the club.

Still open questions?

If you have any questions about our parties, please feel free to send us a ClubMail or e-mail to We usually answer all emails and ClubMails within a few hours. By phone you can reach us best one hour before and during our opening hours.

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Lebe deine Lust!